Custora: Customized Marketing for Your Business

Wan’t to have a marketing plan that works? Are you trying to figure out how to find and keep your most valuable customers? Check out Custora. It is important to understand your customers and what they want, so that is why Custora was created.

Custora has discovered that the way of analyzing data has changed, so they have created the Customer Lifetime Value. Their model is simple and works like this:

  1. Observe various individual-level buying patterns from the past – find the various customer stories in the data set.
  2. Understand which patterns correspond with valuable customers and which patterns correspond with customers who are leaving for good.
  3. As new customers join, match them to these patterns accordingly.
As you can see, the system is quite simple and allows for personalized marketing. The data they provide will give you the ability to know your customers better (e.g. high-rollers, coupon-lovers, picky-shoppers…).

They also offer some great features as a part of the system:

  1. Lifecycle marketing – Optimal marketing for every customer
  2. Promotion Optimaztion – Measure your sales and promotions and their effectiveness
  3. CLV Analysis – Know how to present to your customers
  4. Retention Analysis – Understand the differences in your customers
  5. Historical Dashboards – Analyze past reports

To read more about their features, check out Custora Features

Although they use some technical marketing lingo, most of it is understandable. What matters is times have changed and knowing what your customers want is necessary.
Increase your customer retention rate and join Custora’s Beta.